Monday, August 09, 2010

Are mobile apps really apps ??

I'd say more than 50% of the apps that I use are not "self-sustaining" apps. They wont work without the internet. They are dumb apps that are driven by webservices / web data. I am really wondering if the mobile apps are really apps or just an extension of the web data into our mobiles..Many pundits claim that this is the age of mobility and that mobile computing / technologies will dominate over the traditional computing systems. In a way we all see that. We see a lot more smart mobile devices being used compared to 4 - 5 yrs ago. Sure! they are a revolution but I think the internet / web is a more powerful phenomenon than the mobile revolution. Instead of using browsers on a desktop / laptop to access data from the cloud, we (or atleast I) are using so called mobile apps to access the same cloud. I use facebook / twitter more from my iPhone than my laptop. Infact mobile computing is boosting up cloud computing.
Sometimes I am at the crossroads of technology wondering which bus (mobile / cloud /..) to take. As a lover of CS and a passionate programmer, I'd always want to wet my hands & feet with every major technology. Ofcourse I want to write mobile apps and ofcourse I want to get much more involved with the cloud but IMHO the cloud will last longer than the mobile. The cloud will be the base and power much more than the mobile world. So why is the cloud growing in power ??? simple coz it has the data. I am getting reminded of deep throat advising Bob Woodward "Follow the money"... For us its "Follow the data"

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