Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hard drive upgrade on mac book pro

I was thinking of selling my MBP to buy the latest version. Main reason was that I had only 120GB HDD and I wanted to try Ubuntu on MBP. But after listing it on ebay and craigslist, I decided not to take a huge financial loss. so I got a new HDD (Western Digital 320GB) from newegg.com. I went through couple of sites with info on the process to upgrade hard drives and was reluctant to do it myself. I was specifically not feeling comfortable removing the whole keyboard unit and tinker with small wires inside my MBP. But then the "engineer" side of me pushed me to try it out myself. so I got the screwdrivers and stuff and started off. The procedure specified at ifixit.com was very very helpful. It had a great step-by-step notes with pictures. So I just followed it to get the HDD upgraded. It was a sweet experience and it really helped me gain more confidence. Also getting my data back was just so easy. Prior to HDD upgrade, I took a backup of my data using time machine. I installed Leopard on the new drive and on the first boot, I was given an option to restore time machine backups. So I was able to get my every bit of data and settings back in no time. Thanks to time machine, I dont really have to worry about losing data..

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